The Integrator’s Role in Active Shooter Protection

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by Paul Rothman It was a normal day at Ft. Lauderdale’s Hollywood International Airport until the shots rang out. Pandemonium ensued. A man was firing a Walther PPS 9mm semi-automatic pistol at travelers in the baggage claim area. The terror lasted a little more than a minute, and then it was over. The shooter was out of ammunition. He laid on the ground and waited to be arrested; meanwhile 11 innocent people also lay on the ground – injured or killed by the bullets. To say this is the worst-case scenario for your security clients is an understatement. This is the nightmare. And while some facilities are inherently safer than others, the active shooter scenario is indiscriminate – it can touch any facility or vertical market, whether a hardened courthouse, an open house of worship, or a school, corporate campus or airport.

Who Should Monitor Your Accounts?

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When it comes to central stations, there are benefits to hosting your own and benefits to subcontracting a third-party wholesale monitoring company. The right decision depends on each company.

Central Station Monitoring

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The Protection Bureau has achieved the prestigious CSAA “Five Diamond Certification.” Five Diamond Certification,” means that 100% of our central station operators have passed CSAA Central Station Operator Training Course Levels I & II, which covers all phases of central station communications, as well as demonstrated proficiency in communications with Emergency 911 centers.