Specialized Technology

Depending on the level of security needed, your business type, and your potential security breeches, we can suggest, design, and install systems that go well beyond your standard surveillance camera.


Once the stuff of sci-fi movies, these days biometic screening is commonplace in high security areas. Capabilities include fingerprint scanners, retina scanners, facial recognition software, body movement monitors, and more.


It's not just what the camera sees, but where and when it sees it that can be the first sign of a security issue. Smart cameras can track individuals and provide detailed information on patterns that may prove a red flag, monitor license plates to assure vehicles are where they are supposed to be, and more.

Cyber Security

Your security system doesn't have to just protect your physical assets. Our team also provides in-depth cyber security systems that create a virtual barrier around your most valuable and confidential networks, files, and systems.